the LATEST [here ye here yo]
i tried to make a normal web
             site, but i just couldn't commit to somethin
g so noromal. noromal   people          scare welcome to my world.
seems most websites try to sell you something....not this site. (i'd rather just have your money in exchange for zero goods and/or services)

august 6th - playing magpie festival in sierraville californ.i.a.
     also, we are working on our new album 'from olin'
       go here for our band website.    we make mus
ic and stuff.   we call ourselfs...............the russojones    bip o l a  r       music   e  x   p    e    r   i  e  n ce     . we play weddings, bar mitzvahs and stadiums.                                         >>>
  i als o have one of those faecbook webthingies but don't   ^search, unless you is mi amigo, estoy  esco                 ^
                                                      ndiendo .    ^
                                                                 >> ^
+++++now choose good or bad>>>>>>










(choose wisely)


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